Sunday, June 24, 2007

Filthybird - "Second Wind" from Southern Skies

"Second Wind" from Southern Skies
Red Strings Records 2007

"Second Wind" is the kind of song that you dream about writing when you are a song writer.

It is beautiful and stunning. It is haunting. And it's classic yet modern at the same time.

Greensboro, North Carolina based Filthybird have built the foundations for what hopes to be a wonderful career with their newly released Red Strings Records ( album Southern Skies. The album itself ranges from guitar heavy indie rock tracks to textually lush numbers. But for me, the true winners on this album are the vocally driven songs penned by lead singer Renee Mendoza.

Her voice is a true instrument and an absolute joy to listen to and behold. Embedded with stark passion; it stylistically reminds me of the Daniel Lanois era Emmy-Lou Harris work (see the track: "Where will I Be") and that can not be more true as heard on Filthybird's luscious track "Second Wind."

A soft repetitive organ bed with feedback driven guitars perfectly build the bed for Medoza's powerful voice. It's a passionate ballad, one that I feel mixes well with the elements sea, as it hypnotically resonates in soft undulating waves of bliss. True mastery.

It is a wonderful thing when a local band creates a masterpiece, and "Second Wind" is just that. A full fledged masterpiece.

Please take a listen to this track at Filthybird's MySpace page ( or better yet, buy the bands full length at the previously mentioned Red Strings Records web site. I highly encourage you to do so.

-Mark Dougherty

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