Sunday, June 10, 2007

J. Gray - "Faunus" and "Blue Moon"

J. Gray
“Faunus” and “Blue Moon”

J. Gray is one of those brilliant MySpace discoveries (that you truly wish you had more of, instead of those ominous bands that befriend you and sound like everyone else). J. Gray is truly a special talent and demands a listen, or in my case about 20.

On first listen of his gorgeously painted song “Faunus” I was immediately pulled in. As a listener, and a musician myself, I always long for that moment when you run across or write a song that enables you to completely lose yourself, where you can take a step back from the day to day business of life and enter a solitary moment of pure bliss. I had a friend call this musical rapture as an “Escape Exit.” A lot of musicians try for this, but some just have it naturally. J. Gray, in his track “Faunus” gave me that escape exit.

What separates “Faunus” from most is that it is not about the instruments being played (while starkly beautiful and simplistic in nature) but how the Gray’s vocals are being used as the primary instrument. And that leaves a haunting almost dream-like effect. It reminds me of the David Crosby song, “If I could only Remember My Name,” which was equally vocal driven; or the more modern work of Panda Bear. This is a track worth hearing again and again.

“Faunus” aside, what makes J.Gray such a unique talent is that his songs are so entirely different. Enter “Blue Moon,” a reverb laden folk dirge that would fit nicely in any Tarrantino epic. It has that dark luster that helps it to stand out from the traditional guitar/vocal driven folk song, much in the same sense that Leonard Cohen presented his work on Songs of Love and Hate.

I highly encourage you to listen to J.Gray and spread the word about the very different and provoking music. Check out his work at: Add him to your friend list, put him on your top 8 and spread the word.

-Mark Dougherty

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