Monday, June 18, 2007

The Strugglers - "On the Main Drag" from The Latest Rights

The Strugglers
"On the Main Drag" from The Latest Rights


I have been a fervent fan of the B.R. Bickford, (A.K.A. The Strugglers) for over two years now. Steeped in classic rock elements, a gritty self-evaluating voice, and expansive musicianship; it astounds me that The Strugglers are not a household name these days.

But, as is the issue with most great music today, it is next to impossible to hear or even become aware of. If you are not a hot-bodied teeny bopper with pro tools shaped vocals and a sexy dance routine; well you just are going to have a really tough time being successful in the industry.

So, to hear music like Bickfords is a true, true pleasure and joy. And a promising moment that musical greatness is still at hand and continues to be made.

On his single, "On the Main Drag," from his soon to be released album The Latest Rights (Bickford is shopping for the right label to produce it), Bickford takes a wonderfully satisfying step from his other such brilliant "musically building" songs like: "The Cascade Range" and "The Rejection Letter."

What I love about Bickford's lyricism and most notably on "On the Main Drag" is that they are "inner stories," as if Bickford has these deep stories within himself. At times, they are cathartic, at times they are simply a slice of the moments he has currently embraced in his life (at least as a listener, that is what I hear). And in that lyricism you are drawn completely in. But what's more is the musical bed that occupies these lyrics is just as compelling: slight acoustic guitars that lead to a solitary rhythmic electric and cymbal heavy drums. This style rests so perfectly with Bickford's inner lyrical journeys.

"On the Main Drag" can be listened to at: or you can visit their homepage at: And please, give this music the attention it deserves and demands. We need more of it today.

-Mark Dougherty

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