Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thomas Rumbold - "Skeletons" from Skeletons

Thomas Rumbold
"Skeletons" from Skeletons


It is such a refreshing thing this day in age to find a singer-songwriter that sounds uniquely different and new, and not simply an Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens or worse, Dave Matthews rip off (or whatever is currently trendy and hip to sound like). Granted, these guys are terrific but no one can ever sound as good as they do. When they try to, they simply sound like a hack. But then again, it really is hard to be different and blaze your own trail. It is easy to fall back on a sound that you know is currently working in the marketplace.

The UK-bred and now Germany based Thomas Rumbold presents that refreshing change for singer-songwriters (in my eyes). He takes a giant leap into the stratosphere of uniqueness with his breathy yet passionate vocals on his song "Skeletons" from his album Skeletons.

His style is very confessional in nature and mature (I use the later term because Rumbold is only 19) but on songs like "Skeletons" Rumbold is caught scribing such poignant musical prose as: "I am no religious man. I am not a saint," and the thing is, in Rumbold's songs, you believe such statements and that the place that they equate to his life, are ultimately true.

The song itself is simple, Rumbold's whispered and refined vocals drift through his on spot acoustic guitar work, as a single electric guitar upholds the melody. The song concludes with two expertly executed harmonized stanzas that make for an ultimately satisfying ending.

All the while, Rumbold let's it be known that his work isn't faux or the replicated style of someone else. It is all his. You feel his passion seeping through the speakers and his literate, insightful lyrics draw you into this musical catharsis of a song.

Though honestly, my words simply can't say enough. Take a listen to "Skeletons" on Tom Rumbold's MySpace page: ( It's something new, and that is something truly worth celebrating.

-Mark Dougherty


☠ Kelsey ☠ said...

he's a beautiful singer, who gives meaning to every word, and a beautiful person. x

☠ Kelsey ☠ said...

A beautiful voice that means every word he writes and sings, and a beautiful person. He has my support

Batman said...

They were the best of times, They were the worst of times......