Monday, June 11, 2007

Verulf - "Seven Children"

“Seven Children” from Six Swans
Magilum Records 2007

I am finding myself more and more astounded with the work that is coming from The Magilum Records Collective: Verulf, J.Gray, and am eagerly awaiting their upcoming releases.

Enter Magilum Records’ Verulf; similar in style to the dream/trance like soundscapes and sonic textures of J.Gray and Bryce Isbell, Verulf manages to take this sound one step further on his track “Seven Children” from his upcoming EP Six Swans. What strikes me about Verulf’s music and most clearly on “Seven Children” is that this music escapes such traditional structures — verse chorus verse — but rather takes on the aesthetics of artwork. In “Seven Children” it is as if we find ourselves lost in painting, the brushwork being a rattle, or a drone of voices, washed over with a reverb heavy keyboard and guitar, all in all, mixed and meshed together to create a wonderfully psychedelic universe.

I’d like to say Verulf is a bit like Animal Collective or the early forefather of experimental art music, Harry Partch. But it is different, and alive in its own world. And very much new. There are bits an pieces in his songs that you find with every listen, new discoveries and meanings and affirmations. True artistry. And Verulf is indeed music as art and they have found themselves at home, perfectly in that blissful world.

-Mark Dougherty

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