Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bruce Huss - "Patience" from Patience

Bruce Huss
"Patience" from Patience

Self Released 2007

Instrumental acoustic guitar pieces have always had a soft spot in my heart. A really soft spot. Perhaps, this is because the first concert I ever attended (Crosby, Stills and Nash in Atlantic City, 1992) had an opener of Michael Hedges. Hedges' work was magical, at times it felt like I was listening to three guitars all at once — but it was only the one. He would strum away at his guitar almost like a percussive instrument, or he would make it sing like a delicate voice of an angel. A true gift.

Hedges became one of my favorites, ever, in any music medium (still to this day). And with his passing in the late 9o's there was a deep part to me that was heartbroken. But here, I have found a new voice on the acoustic guitar, a new master; Bruce Huss.

Huss is a rare talent, and on his gorgeously constructed instrumental, I am reminded of a warm sunny day, the kind that you sit and enjoy with a perfect glass of iced tea next to a deep country lake. Very pastoral and serene. It is what I feel when I listen to Huss. The same brilliance that I found with Hedges.

What astounds me with these guitar masters (and that is what Huss is) is how through one instrument they can produce such emotion and depth that full bands search for years to find (and sometimes never do). Patience has cool and soft delicate moments and a musical depth that sinks to the regions of your heart.

I urge you to look Bruce Huss up on iTunes and download it, or visit his myspace page at It is brilliant.

-Mark Dougherty

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