Friday, August 3, 2007

The Clip Bandits - Higher

Okay, so YouTube is the wave of the future, the gateway to letting people like you and me make a video and post it for all the world to see.

And hopefully get enough viewers to get a little instant fame. I get it. Pretty smart model. And a great place for everyone to share their creativity.

But can that be too much of a good thing?

Enter the Clip Bandits. Basically, this is a band of four that has never met each other in person. The play remotely, via video conferencing, have band practices and make songs... and get 360,000 hits on You tube. Yes that number is correct, 360,000!

Is it a bit much for a band that has a cute gimmick? I think so because the Clip Bandits are really not that great. Had the Clip Bandits met in a conventional real world and not displayed their music only on You Tube, would they be where they are today. No. It is all gimmick and zero substance. I found the songs I listened to remotely average at best, reminiscent of mediocre old time bar bands.

Which leads to the great dilemma of MySpace and You Tube and all other online media sites. It seems more and more, the beautiful craft of music is being lost in the flush of anyone who has a guitar and can write a song. It is a double edge sword, because for every Clip Bandit, there is a William Fitzsimmons, an artist demanding to be heard and not drowned out by cute little staged trickery and ideas.

It is great that everyone now has a chance; well, on second thought. Is it?

Here is a clip of the Clip Bandits. Cute, but great music? You be the judge.

-Mark Dougherty

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