Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Glaciers - The Moon Never Misses an Appointment

The Glaciers
The Moon Never Misses an Appointment
Eskimo Kiss 2006

I had been meaning to do a write up for some time on the Queens, NY based duo The Glaciers. And I am quit happy that I have finally come around to it. Because this is a group you need to know about. And I mean need. I actually am quite amazed that they have not emerged onto the national indie scene as a vital and integral band. But, soon enough that will happen. If there is any justice in this world.

But what makes the Glaciers great you may ask? A combination of brilliant attributes. The first is lead singer, Jackie Linge. She has that uniquely powerful gift of a voice that would honestly make me quite happy if she were singing me the phone book. Imagine a little bit of Sarah McLaughlin and Hem intertwined. It is a soulful, ageless and glorious gift.

If Linge's voice were it alone, this would still be a band worth holding onto. Yet, it is just the tip of the iceberg. The musicianship of her counterpoint, Ian Stynes, is so subtly beautiful and well conceived it is jarring - he is a master at the helm. Loaded in The Moon Never Misses an Appointment are soft electric leads, harmonies, piano, strings and my favorite, the pedal steel. So beautiful and ethereal - even masterful.

So listen up... The Glaciers are the kind of band that Reactor Media is in business for. And the kind of talent that I envision will be around for years. It is quite brilliant indeed.

-Mark Dougherty

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