Thursday, August 2, 2007

Liz Durrett - The Mezzanine

I saw the Atlanta based and Vic Chesnutt produced, Liz Durrett, play alongside Ham1 last week as part of the Look Alive Presents series in downtown Greensboro. And I was blown away. Really blown away.

Listening to Durrett is like listening to about five of the best indie female singers (Cat Power, Beth Orton, Innocence Mission, etc.) wrapped into one immensely talented musical vehicle.

I was not as fond of her backing band, Ham1 because basically, I could have listened to Durrett sing the phone book without any instrumentation and I would have been moved. It is not everyday that you come across such a voice as hers.

Here is a live video of Durrett playing "The Mezzanine," from her latest iTunes release The Mezzanine (courtesy of WARM Recordings).

Do take a listen and look and catch her on her short east coast tour. Info is at her MySpace page

-Mark Dougherty

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