Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man

Ok...I could just sit here and write, "This movie kicks ass, go see it." But that wouldn't even begin to describe to you just how much ass it kicks. So therefore, let me just take you on a journey to the seat I sat in last night at the theater.

Robert Downey, Jr. Yep, his name alone. That's how much ass this movie kicked. This guy, since coming back to the "scene" so-to-speak after cleaning up his little drug habit has not let me down once...not even close. His character in A Scanner Darkly was spot on. In Zodiac, his character stole every scene he was in, and in Charlie Bartlett his character was so complex, that only Downey himself could truly play this role, because he's just so complex himself. Bring this to the table and he is the perfect Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man.

Tony Stark is a pretentious ass, playboy, billionaire, smart-ass, alcoholic...he's basically RDJ to the tenth power. Things go awry and well, he's changed...sort of. He keeps the best qualities, and only hides the other qualities. It's an amazing transition that makes for a few laughs, still keeping his quick witted words with some great lines and some amazing scenes where things don't exactly go the way they're planned.

There's plenty to say for the supporting cast also. Jeff Bridges is believable. I mean, we're talking about "The Dude" with a bald head and major facial hair going on. Terrance Howard is fun in his scenes while trying to uphold a small inkling of sincerity. It just never happens around Stark, because Stark is all about fun, money, and girls- not military issues, even though he builds weapons for the military. Then there's Gwyneth Paltrow. I've always had mixed reactions to her, but she managers to find her place his this film. The chemistry between her and RDJ works like a hot knife cutting into butter. You would think that within a few weeks you'll be reading about their affair on the cover US Weekly, but no. These are just two talented actors, one with a golden statue (Oscar). Put this group of supporting actors into the mix with Downey, give them an AMAZING SCRIPT, a visionary director, and you've got yourself one hell of a movie. I'm not going to go through too many details and give things away. But I will make two little side notes that I think are worth mentioning.

1) Industrial Light and Magic- the effects team. While watching this movie, I don't remember a moment when I could "see" what was practical (real) and what was not. The CGI in this movie is so seamless, probably because there is such an intricate mix of real and non-real (computer animated) effects that you can't tell. Not to mention the movie keeps you reeled in for the entire 2 hour and 5 minute duration, you don't even notice, let alone give a crap. My hands applaud thee, ILM.

2) Stick around after the credits, this isn't JUST a cameo or extra scene. This points to something bigger from Marvel in the future...can anyone say "Avengers"?

So now, I will say it. This movie kicks ass, go see it.

-Matthew Ennis

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